About me

Hello everyone and welcome to this NON official Trust Inevsting blog. I am Salvo, IT engineer and telecommunications engineer. I work as a consultant and it is an activity that I love because it allows me to constantly learn and update myself passing from project to project.

Always (but especially in the last period) I have been interested in looking for methods that allow me to have a small additional income. I have been following for some time various channels dealing with personal finance and medium and long-term investments.

I finally decided to put my face on it too. I would like to tell you about the path I am starting on Trust Investing. I've heard about this platform in a variety of ways: a big scam, a Ponzi scheme, a fantastic investment and earning opportunity. So I decided to try this platform personally and to show you all the profits or losses through this blog.

It is NOT my intention to force you to sign up nor am I willing to promise you that you will become a millionaire. I write this page the day after my registration (07/01/2021). You can invest from 15$ therefore from a minimum amount. I decided to start with 1000$ trusting the friend who has been in it for a year and from 30$ it has reached 2000$. It is NOT said that these figures are maintained over time and that the revenues are always the same. I will keep you updated on MY route.

Through this blog I will publish tutorials and articles on Trust Investing (the purchase part of the first package is a bit cumbersome in my opinion) to help people who freely decide to subscribe to this platform even starting from a minimum amount.

To register you need the link of a person who affiliates you, that is, who sponsors you. If you want you can use my link: https://trustinvesting.com/salvfurn/unete