How to open a wallet with Conio

You are surely wondering why to open a wallet and why to use Conio? Let's start with the first question. A wallet is a cryptocurrency container like the bitcoin or the tether.

1. Account opening speed: it is possible to do everything via smartphone. The registration process takes a few minutes.
2. It is not necessary to insert a credit card during registration: this is only needed if we want to buy cryptocurrency directly from Conio but it is not mandatory.
3. 0 commissions: Conio does not take any percentage from any transaction to / from the wallet. The only tax is the mining fee, i.e. the reward for the miners who will validate the transaction.
4. Safe: Conio uses a system with 3 signatures, unlike many wallets. In addition, 24/7 assistance is available, ready to block the account in case of loss or theft of the smartphone.
5. Great partnership with Trust Investing: if you use Trust Investing on a pc and Conio on a smartphone, it becomes really easy to buy new packs on Trust Investing, but we will see this in a new tutorial.

1. Slowness in approving and confirming documents. They say two working days but a week has passed for me
2. Minimum purchase amount of cryptocurrency equal to € 100. In my opinion it is a very high price especially for those who want to start with a small amount of cryptocurrency.
3. It does not have Paypal. It is not possible to convert your cryptocurrency into a “classic” account and therefore spend it everywhere.

For this reason I recommend Coinbase (I will soon publish a review about it).


In order to open a wallet with Conio you need: email address (obvious), And an identity card. This is necessary to verify our identity and is a proof of the security and reliability of the service.
  • Document (ID card or driving license or passport)


How to create the account

  • Download the application from the Play Store or the Apple Store.

  • Enter your email address and password. I recommend that you use a strong password with letters, numbers and symbols.

  • Accept the terms of service and confirm the email.

How to confirm your identity

  • To send / receive money you need to confirm your identity. Click on the Wallet tab at the bottom left and then on complete profile.

  • Click on upload identity document, put your name and surname and take a photo on the front of the document and one on the back.

  • Take a nice selfie by centering your face in the silhouette. Here you can see the effects after a year of smart working 🙂

  • Enter your tax code, residential address and domicile address if different from the first.

    If everything went well, you should see a screen similar to this one alongside


As you have seen, opening a wallet with Conio is extremely simple. Once the documents have been sent, simply wait two working days to confirm your identity.