What is Trust Investing and how it works


I waited before writing this article. I waited a long time and thought about it. I couldn't tell you about Trust Investing if I didn't first try it myself. It would have been unfair. After more than a month I use this platform, I finally decided to tell you about it. I will try to explain what Trust Investing is, why it was born, what its targets are for the future and how it will evolve.


All information contained in this presentation is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial advice.

Trust Investing

Trust Investing is a company that was born in Panama in May 2019 and has an office in Estonia, in Tallinn. He started by entering the crypto-asset market like Bitcoin, the first that was born in 2008 (today there are thousands of cryptocurrencies).

Today, the cryptocurrency market represents only a fraction of this company's revenue. In fact, in these two years, several new activities have been introduced that not only concern the simple management of crypto-assets but also new services used by the platform:

Acquisition of a wine company in Spain.

Yes, you read correctly. Through Trust Investing it is also possible to buy wines (shipments are allowed only in Spain due to Covid-19).

Trust Travel Club

As soon as the pandemic ends, we can all finally get back to traveling. Trust Travel Club allows you to organize trips by paying in Bitcoin and using cryptocurrencies. You can go to the following link: https://www.traveltrust.club for further informations.

Truster Coin

Trust Investing has created a new cryptocurrency, Truster Coin. This will be introduced by 2021 and will be the "official currency" within the platform. This currency will be accepted by all wallets and exchange systems.

Trust Diamond

Trust has also acquired a diamond mine. In addition to the "standard" packs, it offers the purchase of Trust Diamond packages. Each pack (starting from 1000$) is guaranteed in diamonds. The pack lasts for one year. After this period, the company supplies the 300% of the purchased pack. For example, if the pack is 1000, after one year you will receive 3000$. As I said, the amount spent is guaranteed in diamonds. If the company fails to recognize the 300% after one year, then it will refund us in diamonds.
Furthermore, if the pack exceeds the value of 50,000 dollars, it is possible to see the diamonds in advance with your trusted gemologist.


The vision of this company is that of allow everyone access to a market that is constantly changing and evolving. Trust Investing makes its tools and skills available to allow anyone who is part of it to have an additional income at the end of the month.


The founders

The founders of Trust Investing are Diego Chaves (CEO) and Fabiano Lima (Marketing Director). They are two Brazilians who in the 2000s moved to Spain and entered the network marketing market.

Dicego Chavez and Fabiano Lima


The two founders, Diego Chaves and Fabiano Lima

How Trust Investing works

The company has been operating in the cryptocurrency trading market for years. This market, as we know, is booming and can really give a lot of profits for those with the right skills. Trust Investing, is supported by 7 teams of professional traders, each with their own strategies. Having different strategies is very important. In fact, the failure of some is covered by the success of others. At the end of the day, the profits produced are added and one is generated percentage of earnings. Since Trust Investing was born, there hasn't been a single day that this percentage has been negative. One thing I really liked is that the payout percentage is always the same regardless of the management packs. If that day there was a yield of 1%, whoever has a 100$ pack will receive one dollar, whoever has one of 1'000$ will receive 10 who has one of 10'000$ will have 100.

Ok but it takes a lot money to get started

Absolutely not! The minimum you can start with is 15$. Already with this amount you can enter this market and receive a commission from Monday to Friday that varies from day to day based on the market trend. What is interesting is that the profits received can be reused again and apply thecompound interest (as I explain here). 

All returns are available on the page Trust Investing official Facebook. By the way, I made a bot on Telegram that automatically sends you the daily interests, you can find it in this link.

What are these returns?

Since Trust Investing was born, the monthly income has been on average around 20%. This means that in 5 months you cover the initial cost of the pack and then you all have profits.

When and how much can you withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is one dollar. Each withdrawal corresponds to a commission of 5% on the amount withdrawn. The funds will be available in your wallet within 48 hours of the withdrawal request after verification of the documents (operation that must be done only once). Here an article in which I show proof of payment.

How do you make money on Trust Investing?

Trust Investing makes several available pack, from 15$ up to a maximum of 100'000$. Each pack has a duration of 200%. For example, if I buy a pack of 1000, every day I will have a certain income (equal to about 20% monthly). At the end of the month, you can decide to withdraw the accrued interest or use it again and fivefold the capital under management within a few months. Trust Investing adapts to all profiles and to the different objectives that each Truster sets itself.

pack on trust investing

Binary bonus

Trust Investing rewards us if we invite friends and family to enter this market. In particular, we receive the 10% for every purchase made by one of our direct. For example, if one of our direct purchases a pack of 1000, 100$ will immediately go to our balance. There is no limit to the number of people you can invite. But there are so many other benefits like activating the binary bonus which can lead us to a further 10% at the end of the day (I'm talking about it here in detail).

Career plan

Trust recognizes an additional award to those who are committed to bringing new people to the company. In addition to the direct bonus and the binary bonus, there is also a career plan. Each level reached corresponds to an ever higher monthly income. We see them summarized in the following image:

career plan on Trust Investing

The first role is the Team Leader. If we have the 1k pack and two of our direct have in turn a 1k pack and if we have 8000 points on the shorter leg (refer to the article here) the company rewards us and gives us 100$ per month.

Then there is the Manager. 4 direct are needed, 2 of which have the 1000 pack. At least 3 of these must be team leaders. This role corresponds to 400$ per month.

Then you go higher and higher until you reach crazy incomes. In Italy there are now several Regional Director. In the world there are 3 Director Nacional, an indication of how many possibilities there are still.


I hope I was clear and explained what Trust Investing is, for any doubts or questions do not hesitate to contact me. Below all my communication channels.

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