My Returns on Trust Investing (March 2021)

Goodmorning everyone! In this article I want to show you how my returns on Trust Investing grew in March 2021 after two months of business.

This month there was even more performance than the previous month: +20.1%. A really good result!

Trust Investing March

In this month I bought 4 packs:
  • 10-03-2021: I bought the 200$ pack. It produced 26$.
  • 16-03-2021: I bought the 100$ pack. It produced 9$.
  • 20-03-2021: I bought two packs: one from 100$ and one from 60$. Both produced 7,10$ and 4,26$ respectively so far.

To these four packs must obviously be added the profits generated by the packs bought in the previous months that produced the 20.1% of their value:

PackInterest accrued (20.1%)

With a value of 248.23$ to which they are added 46.3$ of partial profits of the packs purchased in March.

This month in total I received 294.5$ that is 98$ more compared to the month of February with a growth of more than 50%!

This boost is not only due to thecompound interest but also to the network that is growing thanks to you signing up with the my affiliate link and thanks to those who signed up and made this opportunity known to other people. This allowed me to have a decidedly not indifferent net entry (the previous month was really negligible):

Trust Investing Binary Bonus March 2021

Binary Trust Investing Bonus March 2021

Trust Investing Direct Bonus March 2021

direct trust investing bonus March 2021

In total I got from the binary bonus 269$ and other 76.25$ from the direct bonus for a total of 345.25$.


March was a really great month! Now all ready for the month of April where some good ones will surely happen!

Thanks and see you next month!

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