My Returns on Trust Investing (April 2021). I became Team Leader!


Hello everyone, today May 1st, Labor Day in Italy, I'm here for the now usual monthly report to tell you about my returns on Trust Investing April 2021. My adventure on Trust continues. This month went even better than the previous one. I honestly never expected this growth and revenue after only four months of being on Trust. All thanks also to you who have entered the network!

Thanks because I have become Team Leader, a first career step that recognizes me 100$ per month.

But now let's stop the chatter and let's see some numbers!

Passive revenues Trust Investing April 2021

The month of April was also very productive due to the passive interest accrued on the management packs: +19.3%. I remind you that you can use my bot free on Telegram to receive a notification every day with the daily, weekly and monthly interest.

In this month I bought 2 packs:

  • 2021-04-08: I bought the 300$ pack. It produced $40.2
  • 2021-04-13: I bought the 60$ pack. It produced $6.12

To these two packs must obviously be added the profits generated by the packs in the previous months that produced the 19.3% of their value:

PackInterest accrued (19.30%)

With a value of 327.13$ plus 46.22$ of partial profits of the packs purchased in April.

In total I pbtained from trading this month 373.35$ that means 78.85$ more than March.


Revenues from the Trust Investing Network April 2021

This month my network has grown quite a lot: +14 new members and +7845 points on the left branch and +2705 points on the right branch.

Binary bonus

From the binary bonus I received a total of 628.5$ in just one month!

direct trust investing bonus April 2021

Ref bonus

In April, thanks to my refs, I received a ref bonus of 549.0$

direct trust investing bonus April 2021

For a total of +1177.5$, almost the 350% compared to the previous month.


If March was a great month, April was so much more so. I never expected to be able to become a Team Leader and have this entry from the network. for this reason I thank you who are signing up with my affiliate link (you could use any link) and who are helping me to carry out this project.

See you on June 1st here on this page 😉

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