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Hi guys!

As promised in the previous article My February returns before reinvesting the 200 tether (about $ 200), I made a withdrawal from Trust Investing to my wallet on Coinbase and thus have a proof of payment. Again everything went very well.

Before showing you the proof of payment, I remind you that to request a withdrawal you must:

  • Having at least one usdt on "Balance Available
  • You have entered correctly your wallet address in the section Financiero -> Mis wallets
  • To have loaded your identity card in the section Mis Datos. The documents required are the certificate of residence and a selfie with the identity card or the driver license. I suggest you take a selfie in a very bright environment, that the document is legible and your head is not cut off. They approved them for me in two days.
In case of doubts I can make a separate guide or contact me by email or on Telegram (below my references).
But now stop off-topic.

Proof of payment

As you can see from the image above, I made the withdrawal request on Wednesday 10 March.

After only 48 hours, on Friday 12 March, I received this beautiful email from Coinbase:


Here is the proof of payment. I received the equivalent of 200$ in bitcoin on my Coinbase wallet. I decided to keep the bitcoins in my wallet because I think its value increases over time, but you can sell it at any time and take the equivalent in fiat currency (euro / dollar). Here are the steps:


coinbase main page
coinbase sell bitcoins

Open Coinbase and click on the two arrows at the bottom

Select Sell and enter the amount to sell.

Enter the amount of coin to sell, click on Sale preview and finally on Sell now. At this point your balance went to the fiat currency wallet (eur / usd).

Click on the tab wallet below and select the fiat currency (eur / usd). Click on Pick up and enter the amount to be withdrawn. Click on Pickup preview and finally on the card on which you want to withdraw (I recommend Paypal).

In conclusion

In this article, in addition to the proof of payment, I also wanted to tell you how to withdraw and convert cryptocurrency into current currency.

I can't wait for the end of March to show you how much my network has grown, thanks also to you who have decided to enter this opportunity.

I hope I was clear and see you in the next article!

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