How to buy a Trust Investing pack (wallet)


In this tutorial I explain step by step how to buy a management pack on Trust Investing using any crypto wallet (Coinbase, Conio, etc.). The procedure can be a bit tricky the first time, but once you learn it, you'll finish in less than a minute.


In this guide I will refer to Coinbase, but the procedure is the same for any wallet. I recommend accessing Trust Investing from a PC and your smartphone wallet.

Log into Trust Investing (here the registration procedure) and click on Paquete.

Choose Coinpayments and click on Procesar Pago.

In the new window that appears, enter your name and surname and an email address. This will be very important in case of assistance and support for payment.

Select the button where the Bitcoin symbol is. The button must become green. This step is as important as thre previous.

Click on complete checkout.

A window opens with a QrCode, a wallet address and a bitcoin figure (in my case 0.00029000). The goal is sending money to that address until the BTC value goes to zero.

You can send bitcoins to that address from any wallet. In the case of Coinbase, here is the guide:

Open the Coinbase app from your smartphone, log in and select the two arrows at the bottom and select Send.

Select the qrcode button and scan the qr on the CoinPayments page.

At this point you just need to wait. It takes some time for the transaction to be validated by the miners. It happened to me that I had to wait a few minutes but also half an hour so don't panic! You will receive an email as soon as the money has been received

If everything went well you will find the following message on the page.

Close the window and return to Trust Investing. In the side panel, go up Mis InversionesYou should see the package ready to work for you


I hope I was clear and explained how to buy a Trust Investing pack with your favorite wallet. For doubts do not hesitate to contact me via the channels you see below

Thanks and see you next time!

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How to buy a Trust Investing pack (wallet)