Binary Bonus on Trust Investing. How much do you earn?


In Trust Investing there are two earning possibilities: trading (here the article in which I talk about it) and the network which unlocks other incoming such as binary bonusThanks to trading you can obtain a totally passive income. I liked this thing since the first moment I joined in Trust Investing because it adapts to different profiles and different financial capabilities of each.

In fact, there are users who have chosen to talk with many people and built a team. Starting at $15, they managed to buy the 100’000$ (one hundred thousand!) in less than two years. They actively engaged by talking to friends and family and invested their time. Others, on the other hand, bought their package and waited for interest to accrue. There is no correct strategy at all, everyone is free to take the one it prefers and Trust gives this possibility.

However, it is true that with the method ofcompound interest you manage to have an exponential growth of your capital, but you have to wait several months before having a good revenue.

How the network works

You can't subscribe on Trust Investing without the invitation of another Truster (here if you want to use mine).

Every user has two branches (or two legs): right leg and left leg. If you invite a guy, this will go under you, either to the right leg or to the left leg. The choice of where to put the user is up to you. In the figure below you see at the top right that you can select where goes a user who signs up under you ( to left, to right, or balanced, in this case the software decides for you). I suggest to choose it manually. It's very important trying to have the two legs as balacend as possible (later in the post I explain why).

Binary tree on Trust Investing
The left leg and the right leg

Once you subscribe, you will under the guy who invited you, and he will be your sponsor, either in his left leg or in his right leg.

In techinal terms, I just descibed you a binary tree. The whole set of the trusters is a giant tree with thousands of users in the world. Cool, isnt'it?

Keep in mind one thing: the network grows by itself. Once you invite people, they can invite others and you would still get a lot of benefits. One more moment of patience and I'll tell you which ones.

Ok but I don't want to invite anybody, why should I join?

Even if you don't invite anyone, you still can have trusters under you. If someone on top of you invites a user, this user will be added in the bottom on the tree and potentially under you.

In this case, if Alice invites Tizio to join, Tizio will go under Bob, despite Bob didn't invite nobody. Tizio is a Alice's direct, and Alice is her sponsor, but Tizio is under Bob. As you can see, there is a difference between direct and "guy under you".

Advantages if you invite a guy

If you invite a guy (with your ref link), then that guy will be your direct and you his sponsor. For each packet your direct purchases, you receive a percentage. This percentage is equal to 10% if your direct never purchased that packet, otherwise 5% if already bought it. For instance, if Tizio is a Alice's direct and buys a 100$ pack for the first time Alice receives 10$. Id Tizio already purchased the 100$ pack, Alice gets 5$. If Tizio buys a 500$ pack for the first time, Alice gets 50$, otherwise 25$. There is no limit in the number of purchased packets. Every pack purchased by your referral becomes always a bonus, either 10% or 5%.

This is where the points come into play

Buying a user's pack benefits the whole network! This is possible usingpoints. Let's look at the previous tree again. Suppose Nino buys a 100$ pack and that is the first time buying a pack of 100$. All the people standing above Nino, Elena, Bob and Alice will receive 100 points.

If instead Nino had previously bought the 100$ pack, then Elena, Bob and Alice will receive 50 points, that is a value equal to the 50% of the purchased pack.

It is very important to know that there are two points' counter . The first is the total counter available on the main page of your account, and the latter is visible by gong to the Red tab which indicates the number of points earned daily.

Here we are finally at the binary bonus

Sorry for the wait but I wanted to explain as clearly as possible how the tour works. If only they explained it to me when I joined the Trust!

The binary bonus it is activated automatically when you have at least two straight, one in the right leg and one in the left leg. In our tree only Alice has unlocked the binary bonus. Attention: the direct players must be two, one on the right and one on the left. In case you are not afraid: the network still accumulates points from the people you have underneath. When you activate the binary bonus, the points obtained previously will also be counted. We have seen that during the day, our network accumulates points by buying packs. Every night, he takes the leg with fewer points, and yes converts 10% of that amount into dollars.

You understand immediately with an example. During the day Nino, Elena and Bob earn 1000 points to Alice, who has 1000 points in her left branch. At the same time, Charlie and Giorgio brought Alice 2000 stitches on the right leg. In the evening, the points of the shortest leg (1000) are taken, the 10% is calculated and converted into dollars, i.e. Alice will immediately receive 100$.

Do you remember I told you there are two point counters? Well. The Alice's total counter has 1000 more points on the left and 2000 more on the right. The daily one, on the other hand, is edited as follows: the points of the shorter leg are resetted. The points on the longest leg are subtracted from those on the other leg. At the end of the day Alice has 0 points on the left leg and 1000 on the right leg in the daily counter.

Binary bonus at the very end

I hope I was clear and explained to you what the binary bonus is and how it is calculated. I will soon publish a video about it. Until next time!

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